Tips for Preventing Dog Baldness

We hear a lot about human hair loss, because it’s a subject that is of concern to a lot of people; however, we don’t hear so much about the fact that dogs can have times in their lives when they lose their hair, too. You will easily notice it if it happens since hair will be all around your home. Most dogs will go through this condition at some point or another. As an owner, you will need to recognize the problem and get it treated as soon as possible.

Canine hair loss isn’t usually cause for alarm. To be safe though, you may want to have your dog checked out by a vet. There are plenty of reasons why dogs start losing their hair. The vet will check for such things as:
Nervous stress or boredom, Canine atopy, Demodectic mange, Food allergies, and Ringworm.

Each condition requires a different method of treatment. If your dog has a food allergy, you could try switching brands or changing the diet entirely. Canine atopy is an allergy condition caused by genetics. If this is what is ailing your pooch, your vet will probably recommend a regimen of shampoos and soothing creams which will reduce the populations of yeast and bacteria and give your dog relief.

Hair loss in some dogs can be treated with topical ointments in some cases. These ointments can treat conditions such as flea infestations, ringworm, and hot spots. In severe cases of hot spots, though, which some dogs are prone to having, your dog will itch in one or two places so badly that he’ll literally scratch and bite until the area is raw. Your dog may need an anti-inflammatory injection in order to relieve the condition.

Mange can also cause canine hair loss, and there are two different types. The first of these is demodectic mange which will cause a bacterial infection. Your vet can treat this type of manage with either Mitaban dips or ivermectin. Parasites that burrow beneath your dog’s skin leads to the formation of sarcopic mange. Ivermectin by injection or pills can be used to treat this condition.

Different breeds of terriers are predisposed to hair loss caused by nervousness. You will need to see your vet in order to treat this type of disorder. The vet would need to rule out more potentially serious causes of the hair loss. Doc No.azlcssaeh-sdgfhkl

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