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Here is the reason   you’re haveing problems   attracting a woman

If you think you cant attract a woman, the reason is that you have been messed up by poor advice. If you have been recieveing advice about attracting women from a woman , stop that today , and stop your subscription to Maxum Magazine!

Even a woman dosn’t realize what attracts them to a guy , or  they won’t admit it. Women will tell you that they are drawn to a nice guy , or a gentleman. This will just get you into the friend zone, but no where near the end zone.

Woman are born with preprogramed attraction triggers.   Trip a womans triggers and your in the game . They won’t be able to help themselves. It all about biology. More on this in a sec.

  There is nothing spiritual about attractionand I can’t explain what love is all about ,our attraction triggers are based on pre-programed instructions all of us born with.

Men know what our attraction triggers are, they are mostly physical.

The attraction triggers in girls are different, women are attracted to the best male available. The Alpha Male.

When we try to be attractive we try to attract all women around us. When you see a woman all dressed in the tight summer dress with plenty of cleavage she is not trying to attract all men. She is trying to attract the best man available.

Here is how you attract women .

First, to be attractive be healthy. Having a perfect physic and full head of hair will help get you noticed but, it will not help that much in the long run. A few surplus pounds won’t kill your ability to attract a woman but standing around pounding soda and chips might. Be healthy, take care of your self. Be pressed and clean shaven. Would it kill you to go take a jog once in a while?

Be confident. Do you get all stupid when you talk to a chick ? Dude, you need to overcome this. You need to show that you are totally comfortable to be in her space. You need to show that you didn’t really notice how hot she looks. Talk to her don’t try to impress her. Be dominate, show that you are not going to turn into putty in her hands if she shows a little interest in you.

Women are attracted to a confident male, The alpha male, Be confident, be the alpha male!

If a woman puts up her anti-pick-up defense shields when you get near, walk right through it. If she is nervious you are doing fine. If she is annoyed back down a little. Show her that you are are comfortable in her space.

Where to meet a woman.

Foget about the pick up bars, O.K.

My where to meet a woman treasure chest, I am totally hooking you up here.

Think groups that meet regularly , where the “pick-up” pressure is off you.

This is important! There are women all around us every day. Save the bars and night clubs for a latter time when your skills are better.

Some of the best places to meet women

  1. a book club
  2. rock climbing club
  3. charities.
  4. Swim team
  5. Dancing lessons
  6. night classes
  7. Exercise classes
  8. Martial arts classes

You get the picture.

If you want to attract a woman, there is no better place than a one where you will see her again and again , with a common interest built in.

The one thing that will make the biggest difference in regards to you attracting a woman is to have a social circle .All the places mention above will give you an opportunity to make friends, and develope social circles.

If you surrunded by friends you will establish a reputation as a man of  social value .I can’t emphasize this enough, a man in a group has a better chance to attract a woman than the loner. All the dating gurus agree and I have seen this first hand. Demonstrate others know and trust you, and that you are pre-screened,  you gain social value.

An even a bigger benifit is that you will never have to worry about where to meet women … your friendship circles will bring them to you.

I can’t emphasize this enough, a person in a group has a better chance to find a girlfriend than the loner. All the dating gurus agree and I have seen this many times ; If you show that other  people know and trust you, and that you are pre-screened, you gain social value, and are more likly to be noticed by a guy.

In conclusion,

The big secret to attracting women is uderstanding womens hard wired attraction triggers….

Be a man, a dominate male. A female is born with hard-wired instructions to find the strongest Mate . These attraction triggers have been part of a womans programing since the day of the cave men, when they had the best chance of survival by finding the nest mate available to protect her and her off spring.


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