Weaknesses in Dating Become Strengths in Online Dating

When I was a small boy, adorable and pretty girls surrounded me but when I became a teen-ager; they fearfully run away from me.  In high school, when all teenagers could have gone to dates and proms and had a boyfriend or girlfriend, I had been constantly buried with my books and scientific experiments in the lab.  During my University years, I was a daily visitor of the library as I extensively did research for projects and tons of paper works.  As soon as I graduated, I was in a dash to find a job and when I found one I was what they call a non-stop working machine.  In other words, I’m your typical nerdy type of guy who had no knowledge in dating someone and never had a girlfriend his whole thirty-something years.

So when I was seeing that most of my buddies are engaged to be married, have children and has got a wife and kids of their own I had been appalled.  The pressure and panic caused by the long absence of lacking someone in my life took a toll on me.  Accordingly, I went along with this advice of some friends to go on blind dates.  But I’ve gotten several turndowns hence just as I was getting disappointed and about to give up the (dating arena~dating}, a frienda colleague suggested why don’t I try online dating.

Here’s some problems I have had that I would reveal to you before I got successful in online dating.

1. Lack of experience in dating.  Yes, having no practice and skill in dating can make you feel more nervous once you try it.  Nevertheless, enjoy and have fun whilst you are on a date as this can prove to be useful too when you go online dating.  The competence you gain every time in meeting girls for dates will help you meet a potential match and make a girl feel special once you have found someone that caught your interest since you know what women want, how to make them feel special and how they would react to your move and any word that you have uttered.

2. Underestimating yourself.  Most women honestly like men who are bold.  Brave men get a plus point with girls.  A man who is sure of himself and daring enough to approach a pretty woman turns on girls.  When you confidently introduce yourself to a woman you like online, this tells the woman you are a man with self-esteem.  Who would desire someone who doesn’t have the guts and attitude, anyway?  Who would desire someone who doesn’t have the guts and attitude, anyway?

3. Arrogance. Both in regular and online dating, as soon as a woman see that you talk more about your status, job, how much you earn or in other words you are merely talking about yourself; it’s a clear indication that you’re money-oriented and downright selfish.  Women usually like men who immediately show attention with them through an engaging and reciprocal conversation – not an oratorical spiel about your achievements/past accomplishments.

4. Being too choosy. Let’s admit that as guys we only want the best and most desirable woman to be with us, as we like to display power, control and wealth and having a strikingly charming lady is a symbol that we’ve got all.  But be realistic. If your ideal woman is a tall, blond, and whistle-bait figure who likes sports, the wildlife and successful in her career would you care to know an auburn-headed girl whose interest is involving herself in non-government organizations, a painter and a self-declared bohemian? Once you limit to a certain type you wouldn’t be able to find your match.   Widen your sphere, don’t hurry and be patient in waiting and searching for Love will come to you unexpectedly.

5. Focusing on the outer shell. It’s too easy to be deceived when you only look at a woman’s profile picture. Today, photos are simply edited digitally.  Inner beauty and a delightful personality lasts but superficial good looks can fade.

6. Aggressive Behavior.Don’t push yourself too hard with a woman if you don’t want to look like a disrespectful fool.  When an appealing russian date or any woman doesn’t react to your advances it only means she’s not interested. You will only appear rude and a desperate creep.

My inexperience then in traditional dating, lack of confidence, egotism, and being fussy, superficial and creepy has proved to be an edge in my online dating escapade as I have become a positive and sensible seeker for a potential life-partner. Yet, as years went by I have gotten a lot of information, tips, and advices on conventional dating and online dating from my personal experience. Learn more truths on online dating and how to pursue a hot russian date on Russian online dating services with our informative and insightful site, for you never can tell they can be your dream russian bride.

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