What is the Effect of Marriage Infidelity on a Married Couple?

Whenever we read a newspaper or listen to television or radio news, at least one or two instances of marriage infidelity are reported nearly every day. The latest such scandal that had been rocking the entire world is that of the Golf King, Tiger Woods. News like this would make all the couples sit up and think what they would do or how they would react, if one of the partners indulged in marriage infidelity. The reactions to infidelity from the person who had been unfaithful and the victim of that unfaithfulness are usually common in all the cases.

The unfaithful persons would invariably accuse the spouses about wanting in several aspects and unable to provide happiness and satisfaction in the marriage relationship as an escape route. To hide the guilty feeling, they would do a blame game on the other party in the marriage as the cause for the infidelity. The tendency in such circumstances is to either deny totally any such unfaithful act or to divert the attention towards the victims by accusing them.

The victims would normally react with shame, anger, rage, embarrassment, resentment, jealousy, mistrust, shouting, and crying. Many victims fall into a deep depression and undergo severe mental trauma when they come to know that their spouses had been unfaithful. The effects of such unfaithfulness could last for a long time in many cases. There had been several instances of suicides and homicides due to marriage infidelity.

When a situation like this arises, lot of effort would be required in stopping divorce proceedings. It would be very difficult to save a broken marriage. Only proper counseling could help the estranged couples. However, the person guilty of the marriage infidelity should be prepared to accept the guilt and agree to refrain from repeating that kind of activity again if steps are to be taken to save a broken marriage. Then only the efforts for stopping divorce would be successful.

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Author: Hans Chia
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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