What To Do When You Miss Your Ex Boyfriend

Have you been missing your ex boyfriend?  Is moving on hard to do?  Included here are seven strategies to practice everytime you miss your ex. I strongly recommend that you check out our how to get your ex back guide Here

1.    Recognize the truth that the relationship is over.  Missing your boyfriend is unavoidable if you will keep expecting that you can still get back together.  Do not make an effort to catch him off guard by texting or phoning him, it only makes the feelings fresh.

2.    His stuff has to go.  Give to him what he owns and get back what is yours.  Keeping these things for sentimental reasons will only heighten your experience of missing your ex boyfriend.  Every single thing must go; whether it is his toothbrush or his comb.  It is not necessary to be reminded of him continuously.

3.    Scribble a page, then toss it to the flames.  Get your ex boyfriend out of your mind and life so you will not go on missing him.  Grab a pen and paper; then pour out all your emotions about the whole thing.  Once you have poured out all that’s inside of you, burn the letter up.  Burning your words and your feelings will make you feel emotional fulfillment.

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4.    Arrange a meeting with your friends.  Being involved in an important relationship often causes us to neglect our family and friends.  Now is the time to restore the broken relationships with them.  Make an effort to rebuild the relationships that you have left behind.  These precious family and friends are still there loving you even when your ex boyfriend has hurt you.

5.    Interact with new contacts.  Your ex boyfriend used to take up a bulk of your time; that is why you still miss him.  Regardless of the emptiness in your life at this time, you have much time in your hands.  These new routines are great stuff to fill your time with.  Sign-up in a course at the local college.  Register in a dance school.  Take part in a co-ed sports team.  Become a member of activities that encourage the preservation of the environment.  You will find that these pursuits can fill both the time void as well as the emotional void.

6.    A pet can be a fantastic interest.  You can get in touch with reality through a cat, a dog or any other pet.  You can show love and attention to this pet.  Your love can be returned by your pet.  You can reach out to your pet whenever you miss your ex boyfriend.

7.    Start meeting a new guy.  There is still a whole new world before you.  The sea is stuffed with a lot of other fish.  Having reconnected with family and old friends, gotten occupied by new activities and cared for a nice pet, you are almost ready to meet a new man.  No need to worry that a serious relationship can come out of this.  Simply get out there and have a great time.  Following this, thoughts of missing your ex will not overwhelm you any longer.

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