Why Getting Your Woman Back Is Easier Then You Think

Break ups are devastating experiences, especially if you are still in love with your ex. The situation becomes worse if your ex does not answer your phone calls. Breaking up can really be painful and tough, especially if we do not learn how to deal with it effectively. So follow the guide below to get you on the right track to get a woman back. I am going to enter into a discussion about the psychology of attraction and how you can use that to your advantage to get your ex back if you understand how this stuff really works.

Let’s say that you first met your ex girlfriend in a club (you may not have done, but the principals remain the same). You went up to her and said hi, got chatting and things moved on from there. How does this relate to attraction and pressing emotional trigger points to win back her heart speedily? Well, in a room of guys by stepping forward and saying hi, you are subconsciously communicating that you are a leader amongst men. Now, that may sound far-fetched, but actually it is the exact truth. The reason it is true is that physically and emotionally humans have not developed much from their cave man ancestry. In evolutionary terms we are still in the mouth of the cave wondering where our next meal is going to come from. We are in fight or flight mode much of the time, and when we aren’t we are thinking up ways to get our next meal.

These days if a woman rejects you the worst that generally happens is a polite refusal, and you slink back to your friends to make up some story about how she was actually a lesbian. But it doesn’t feel like that before you do it. Your heart is pounding, and part of you even now wants to get your girlfriend back simply so that you don’t have to go through that again! Before you approach a woman it generally feels like your guts are being ripped out, and that there is a very real risk of total social exclusion and pariah status if she turns you down. On the converse side, women are also creatures of their biology. In the past they knew that it was a big deal for a guy to approach them, because if he got it wrong, then she could feasibly turn him down and mess up his status within the very small tribal unit.   A few thousand years on she knows logically that that isn’t the case, and that turning a guy down isn’t even going to ruin his night, let alone his life. But nevertheless on a subconscious level she knows it is a big deal.

Women are hence heavily triggered into feelings of attraction to any guy that can pluck up courage and come and say hi. It is almost irrelevant what the final outcome of the interaction is. If you go and say hi, then in her eyes, and in her heart your status amongst that group of males has immediately soared. What this all means for the breakup experience and getting back with your ex is that you need to start to tap into these psychological trigger points that are hard-wired into all of us. You need to show that you are the pack leader. That you are the alpha male of the group, and that yours is a ‘tribe’ that she should want to return to.

Once you know that fact then it makes it that much easier to figure out strategies to reconnect with your ex. It becomes clearer why you can’t act like a wuss, or phone her ten times a day. None of those actions are the actions of a leader and it is time that you stepped up to the plate and demonstrated who you really are. A good first step is actually to minimise contact with your ex-girlfriend. This might seem counter-intuitive (especially as you want to get back with her!) But what you need to realise is that if you are too available to her now that you have broken up, that there is a very real risk of slipping into the dreaded ‘friends zone’ where she unburdens all the crap and grief about her life onto your shoulders, but you don’t get any of the payoff in terms of love energy! Forget that. You want the good stuff.  If you cut yourself off from her then you have every opportunity of moving things forward more quickly.

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