Win Ex Boyfriend Back With Dignity

When you try to win ex boyfriend back you may experience like you should go begging on your hands and knees. You may believe that you have to lower yourself and lose every bit of pride that you have. The breakup may have left a long way towards hurting your pride as it is, there is no need to further hurt your self image. There is absolutely no reason that you should not be in a position to win ex boyfriend back and retain some dignity.

You may feel that you need to go begging back to him but there are things that you are able to do that will not make that necessary. If you got dumped that was enough to hurt the way you look at yourself. If you broke up with him then, realizing you made a massive mistake, you may feel that you have to go crawling back to make an apology. That might not be what you should do to win ex boyfriend back.

If he broke up with you, consider what it was that drew him to you in the beginning. What was the attitude you had then? How was your spirit? If you want to rekindle that love that was here, try putting all the elements back that caused the fire to begin with. Whatever you carry out, let yourself be seen to him. Let him see that your still the same person that he fell in love with once. Let him also recognize that you know he sees you. Be evident that you are that person again. If he doesn’t notice you, a different person may and that may not be a bad aspect of. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. If there is another horse there, they can be more appreciative of what you need to offer.

If you broke up with him, and you feel that it was a mistake, let him know. Let him recognize that he has every right to be mad but inform him that you don’t expect to have him come back. Tell him, “Whatever happens from this point is OK with me. I just wanted to let you know that I made a mistake with you and I’m sorry if I hurt you.” Express regret, but don’t beg for it. Begging is not a good way to win ex boyfriend back.

Also, don’t ask to be reunited. You should let him know that you don’t expect a second chance and you in all probability don’t deserve one but you really wish that things had worked out differently. Say your piece and then walk away. If he is interested in getting back together with you or is curious about what you are trying to accomplish then let him make the move. It takes strength and character to admit a mistake and an equal amount of it to take the consequences. If he is as special as you believe him to be, he will notice what you have just done and will need to be your boyfriend once more.

Unless you’ve some amazing love spells, you could find it a large challenge to win ex boyfriend back. If he is the one and the result is supposed to be marriage or a life long relationship then it will happen. The trick is to get him involved and make it look as if it was like he is pursuing you. Make him want you, again. As hard as it is to do and as humiliated as you could feel, just realize that there is a method to win ex boyfriend back and have some dignity performing it.

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