You Can Save Marriage Just by Creating Intimacy

If your marriage has become rocky then you must firmly believe that you can save marriage in order to move forward. You really need to believe that as fact because if you don’t then there is nothing you can do that will make a lot of difference. Before you do anything believe that it’s possible for you to save the marriage. 

Lack of intimacy is a common ingredient that is missing for marriages in trouble. If a marriage is going to be happy then there must be a level of intimacy that is more than physical and totally embraces the emotional aspect. You should ask yourself this question. “Is my marriage suffering from a lack of intimacy?”   Are you transparent and open with your spouse? Do you include and share or do you turn inward and keep your emotions and needs compartmentalized and try and deal with issues on your own? When you exclude your spouse emotionally, then your marriage is lacking intimacy. This is when you should realize that it’s time to inject a bit of intimacy and move down the road to save the marriage.

You should make every attempt to share your worries and problems with your spouse. All too often people find themselves preoccupied with a situation and instead of opening up and sharing this situation with their spouse, they decide to keep quiet and deal with it on their own. You don’t want to make this mistake because you are excluding your spouse when you need to be including them.   You should remember that spouses can sense when something is wrong and when you exclude them, they begin to feel shut out and unnecessary. That is when hurt finds its way into a marriage.     

Making time for your spouse and your marriage is another way to inject intimacy so that you can save the marriage. In the world today when ten thousand things can encroach on your time, not making time for your spouse is definitely a way for a marriage to hit trouble. It’s not fun to discover that when you were busy working on your career or focusing your time and attention on your children that your marriage just faded off into oblivion.  

You should make sure that if you really want to save the marriage that you’re actively making time for your marriage and especially your spouse. On a whim try taking an impromptu afternoon off and do something fun with your spouse. You changed your schedule just for them and now your spouse realizes that you value them and wanted to include them. Now you should begin to see a difference for the better in your marriage.  

Creating and nurturing intimacy in your marriage so that you can save the marriage is going take time and is not just a one-time occurrence. Please don’t make the mistake of allowing your marriage to just go through the motions. When a marriage is attended to regularly, it will thrive and there will be a healthy dose of intimacy included.

Mark Vaughn has been married for over 30 years and it is from that experience that he writes. For more helpful relationship information visit:

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