Your Marriage Can Benefit from the Experience of Others

When you first get engaged or are newly-married, you’ll find that friends and relatives are going to want to bury you in advice they’ve learned from their own good and bad experiences in the marital arena. Many of these couples ignore this advice especially when they are in the honeymoon phase of their wedding when everything is going great. True, your marriage is going to be unique to you and your spouse and very different from any of theirs, but there are bits of wisdom you’ll be able to glean from the stories they tell you. Therefore, you may need to listen whenever another couple is trying to share advice would you about your marriage.

For example, if Aunt Minnie tells you about her tribulations being married to Uncle Floyd, ignore all of her editorializing about how she used to talk and talk but her husband refused to listen to her. Is there something that you can learn from this story? One of the things that you can learn from the story is that couples always need to communicate and actually listen to each other. Maybe if Uncle Floyd had listened to Aunt Minnie and acknowledged her concerns, she wouldn’t have needed to nag so much. Maybe if your aunt had getting your uncle a little bit more space to wind down after working hard all day he might have been more willing to listen to her. It is vital that every couple understand the basic principles of speaking and listening to their partners.

Although you may not like listening to your friends Anna and Phil always talking about their marital issues, some of the stories they tell you may actually be useful. You may like both of them and known them for a long time. You may be well aware that Phil has always wanted to start his own rock band while Anna has always wanted to be an opera singer and live in New York City. You consider both of these ambitions commendable, and you know that before their marriage they used to encourage each other. Whenever you see them these days, they may be fighting about many of the same things. You could learn a few lessons from your friends so that you can keep this from happening to your relationship down the line.

Although none of these stories are true, they do offer a few points. If you trying to help make your marriage stronger, then try to learn as much as you can from your friends.

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