Your Marriage Can Survive Infidelity – A Guide For Couples

Infidelity is considered as one of the primary causes which impacts the integrity of a marriage, even resulting in divorce. Learning that your partner is cheating on you can be the worst pain in the world. Many believe it brings the marriage to an end. However it is said that infidelity is not the root cause of failing a marriage. It is the couple’s willingness to throw away a marriage, on discovering the infidelity which brings the marriage to an end. The following are a few tips that can guide couples to successfully survive infidelity.

Control Anger & Hurt
Anger and hurt is the biggest hurdle in surviving an infidelity struck relationship. The emotions serve a purpose are justified but continuous rage and depression over a marital affair can never move a marriage forward. Losing your control and ending up saying hurtful things can never allow the respect to come back in your relationship and hence you must avoid it.

Understanding the Core Issues
Often, extra marital affairs happen when at least one partner is mentally, emotionally or sexually unsatisfied with their marriage. Couples need to ensure that they understand each other’s needs and preferences. Understanding also comes in the form of knowledge about what was wrong with your relationship before the affair that might have led them to an affair. This helps to check your actions which sometimes might have led to the affair.

Maintain Open Communication with your Partner
The first reaction of most people is to stop communicating with the spouse to express their hurt. By closing the communication channel lose the opportunity to repair the damage. Infidelity is a symptom of tougher problems in the relationship. They are not necessarily caused by the problems. It is essential for both the partners to discuss their problems openly with each other. Understanding each other’s needs and preference can help to get your relationship back on track after surviving infidelity.

Forgiveness is very important in any relationship. You should make your spouse accountable for the affair, but must not make them suffer continuously without giving a chance to redeem. Forgiveness can make them realize their mistakes and often forms the foundation of a stronger and happier marriage. Having decided to accept your spouse back, strictly avoid mention or any reference to the episode of infidelity as it can only create hurt and hatred and never help in reviving your marriage.

Refresh your relationship
Couples need to accept the fact that their marriage will never be like before. Expecting things to be the same as before the affair and clinging to that hope for long will result in more bitterness. The erring partner should instill confidence in the spouse that the infidelity will not occur again. Start afresh leaving behind all the unpleasantness and make your marriage successful surviving the infidelity.

Infuse Trust
A marriage can only survive if there is mutual trust between the partners. Trust becomes more important in an infidelity struck marriage as infidelity shakes the very foundation of any marriage. Both the partners should make sure that they rebuild the lost trust and loyalty among each other, through empathy and care. A marriage can only survive if the couple believe that the mistake will never be repeated.

Timely advice and action has helped many marriages survive infidelity and made them stronger and happier.

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