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Recovering From Infidelity – What to Expect

A couple whose marriage is recovering from infidelity has to expect the process won’t be quick and it won’t be easy. If your relationship has been rocked by cheating the basic fabric of your marriage, the trust, has unraveled. Recovery only begins when both partners decide that they want the relationship to survive and are willing to work toward that goal no matter what. When recovering from infidelity each partner has to have a realistic perspective on the feelings the other person has and how long a process recovery can be.

When a person has been betrayed in a marriage or long-term relationship, there’s going to be confusion, pain, resentment and thoughts of revenge. Working through these feelings includes reaching a point where you can care about your partner again without the persistent suspicions that your partner is lying to you. Getting to this point in a marriage is only going to be achieved if your partner is willing to listen to you. Your partner will have to go overboard with being honest with you about the small details of his or her life. It’s not every partner who is capable of tolerating the emotional turmoil involved. If you’ve cheated on your spouse be grateful if they’re willing to work toward a stronger marriage instead of bailing out altogether.

The person who has been unfaithful in a relationship has the job of proving to their partner they want the marriage to survive. Don’t forget this is a situation where actions will definitely speak louder than words. To save your marriage after infidelity you’re going to have to lay it all on the line. You’ll have to show you have the courage to be honest about the ways you deceived your partner, to simply accept your guilt without being evasive, and to show you care about your spouse in the small ways that include doing more in the home and practicing gestures of kindness and thoughtfulness. Taking the initiative and being honest in a gentle way about changes you’d like in the relationship can lead to more openness and honesty between two of the two of you. Setting up dates and times you can be alone can demonstrate to your partner that the relationship really matters to you.

Recovering from infidelity can be a chance to develop intimacy with your partner that will ensure your relationship grows stronger, on a more secure foundation, instead of ending altogether because of an affair.

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Author: Noel Parker
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