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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Even If She Doesn’t Wish To Meet You

There are many tips on the web on how to get your ex girlfriend back, but many of them demand her to at least be willing to respond to the phone whenever you call. What exactly are you supposed to do if she won’t even talk to you? Here are a few tips:

Let her know your available

You have probably heard the recommendation that if you wish to find ways to get your girlfriend back, the quickest way is to make her envious by making her think you’re moving out with other girls. Well, the problem is this can easily backfire on you.

Even if she was beginning to miss you, if she discovers you have started dating, she will think you no longer have feelings for her. Thus, make sure your mutual friends know you are still single.

Improve yourself

Obviously, being available doesn’t imply being home waiting by the phone throughout the day. Rather than spending your energy trying to find a new girlfriend, invest it in self-improvement. Specifically if you were in a long-term relationship, you will be better off taking some time to yourself to make a move which will improve your confidence as a person, whether it’s learning a new skill or simply spending more hours doing what you really like. Your ex will see you could live without her and respect you all the more for this.

Write a love letter

Not a phone call, not an email, not an instant message an actual handwritten letter. It might be an outdated way for how to get your ex girlfriend back, but it works because there are very few women who wont read a handwritten letter. This means you will at least be able to explain what you’re feeling.

Even though it is best to put everything in your own words, should you really feel like you don’t know what to write, get a female friend that will help you or swipe a number of ideas (ideas, not complete sentences) from examples online. Remember, the look of the letter is nearly as vital as the words. Write your letter on elegant stationary, stick it inside a matching envelope, seal it with real sealing wax and post it well.

Keep it light

When you do get a chance to talk to her again, keep the mood light. Don’t start apologizing for everything you ever did wrong, asking her to meet up with you, or arguing over what caused the breakup. After all, would you expect meeting a person who is obviously an emotional wreck?

Instead, give her an indication that seeing you again will be enjoyable and won’t involve any bickering or groveling. If possible, make her have a good laugh. You’ll get her to let her guard down and remove the bad taste from the break up.

Should you really want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back even when she won’t answer your phone calls, rest assured that it can be done. Make use of common friends to let her know you’re available although not wasting away from grief, then write a letter for her to make contact again. Beyond that, be careful where get suggestions about ways to get your ex back because a number of them can really jeopardize on you.

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