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7 Tips to Help Get Your Ex Back

You probably felt somewhat relieved when it was over. You were so glad to see the last of her, but now things are different. The anger is over, and the pain has lessened. You’re not even sure whose fault it was that everything came to a halt. All that matters now is to get your ex back.

7 Tips to Help Get Your Ex Back

Get Your Ex Back1. Being a stalker is only a good thing if you’re trying to go to jail. No woman is going to be impressed by a guy who is harassing her. Leave your ex alone and allow her to make her own decisions. If it’s supposed to be, she will return to you.

2. Hold you ground by not being a wuss. Maybe she said you were a control freak when the two of you were dating, but that does not mean that she wants to be the king of the castle. Changing who you are too much isn’t going to make her rush back to you either. Threatening to hurt yourself is also a major turn-off. She may call you but not to get back together. She’s calling to encourage you to get therapy for your mental illness.

3. Flowers and other gifts are nice, but they don’t make people care about you. If your ex has a problem with your behavior, flowers and gifts are not going to change her mind. Whatever you did to get her in the first place, you’re going to have to rekindle that side of your personality to get her to care again.

4. Think about what made her care so much about you in the beginning. Did the two of you share something? What did she like most about you? Try and remember all the positive things she said and build on them. What matters most to her will probably be something quite trivial that really meant nothing to you. In this case, remember it’s about getting her back.

5. Playing the jealousy game is a poor choice because it is a game that can backfire at anytime. For instance, what if your ex doesn’t get jealous; instead, she actually wishes you the best of luck. Even worse, your date only makes her realize how little you cared about her in the first place.

6. There is nothing wrong with relationship counseling. If she makes this a condition to get back together, do not say “no”. Saying “no” means that you’re not willing to consider all options. Say “no”, and she might not ever come back. Participating in counseling will not only help you evaluate your relationship, but it might also help you become more in touch with yourself.

7. An apology is more than two small words. If you’re making things right between and someone you care about, then not only should you apologize, but you should also go into detail about why you’re sorry and let the victim know much hurting her has hurt you. This sincere apology will make her feel more inclined to give you a second chance.

There is no ratio for success when it come to get your ex back. You may get her back or you might just have to accept the terms that the relationship is over. Having a caring, well thought out strategy is more likely to get your ex back than an insincere proposal that is just tossed together in minutes, without a thought for her needs.

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