Unhealthy Relationship – What Are The First Signs?

You may be involved in a relationship that is bad for you, but you stay because you fear being alone. This is really not worth what the poor relationship may cost you. You and your partner may both suffer if you do not have support, mutual respect, and love at home.

Unhealthy relationships can hurt you in many ways. You and the person you care about may feel depressed and unworthy among other negative feelings. These emotions can lead to a lack of self esteem and a general feeling of unworthiness. This can affect your job and your personal life.

How can you tell if your relationship is unhealthy? If it is, how can you fix it. The following signs might be telling you that you’re in an unhealthy relationship right now.


Intimacy is more than sex; it’s a big portion of a caring, healthy relationship. It includes little things like cuddling, quick smooches, caring words, and hand holding. The small things are a huge part of intimacy. If your relationship is lacking intimacy, it is an easy thing to bring back. All it takes is a little creativity, and intimacy can become contagious with the right person.

Failure to communicate

If you and your partner don’t talk often and in an open and honest manner about your hopes, dreams, thoughts, and ideas, then you’re not communicating well. Communication is an important part of the foundation of any healthy relationship. If you’ve always been a talker, work on your listening skills. If you’re always been one to keep things inside, express yourself more. Even if things don’t work out with your ex, your newfound, communication skills will still help you both professionally and personally.

Do you each support each other’s personal development?

If not, this is a sign that your relationship could be problematic. In a healthy relationship, both parties support each other in pursuing their dreams, interests, and goals. If either of you believes that you are not being supported in your own pursuits, then the environment could be unhealthy. You can eliminate this problem by realizing that your partner was an individual long before her or she became part of a couple and as such, may have interests that differ from yours. Loving a person means supporting all of that person, not just the aspects that you may find overly interesting.

Let him or her know you care everyday

It’s easy to take a person for granted when that person is there everyday. Make sure you tell your partner on a regular basis how much he or she is appreciated. You can show them too with gestures like breakfast in bed and flowers for no reason. There’s so much you can do. Nobody likes to feel unappreciated.

Being a part of an unhealthy relationship can drain your energy and your zest for life. It can actually change you into a person that neither your nor your partner likes. Before this happens, talk to your loved one and try to fix your problem. The best way to deal with this is openly and honestly before the problems get huge. If you can do this, the odds are that you can make your relationship positive again and keep it that way.

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